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Houston Chapter Playoff Assignment Eligibility


The criteria for playoff assignments has been established by the Houston Chapter. Inclusion in the playoff selection process, whether an official is requested to the chapter by a coach or assigned through the chapter’s assigning process, must be accompanied by the following requirements:

You must:

  1. Be a member in good standing by having fulfilled all chapter related financial obligations. No exceptions.

  2. Achieve a minimum test score of 80 on the mandated NFHS rules examination as administered by the UIL.

  3. Officiate a minimum of twenty (20) UIL/Houston Chapter assigned high school varsity games in the current season. This total does include tournament games.

  4. Have attended a UIL/Houston Chapter approved camp or a collegiate camp which provides education and application of 3 person mechanics. If you are currently on a college conference staff, you are excluded from fulfilling requirement # 4.

  5. Have served all Ethics sanctions received in the current season, if any were received. No exceptions will be made to allow entrance into the playoffs.

Meeting the above criteria makes you ELIGIBLE for playoff assignments. It does not guarantee an official a playoff assignment. Division IV and V classified officials may only work varsity playoff game(s) if requested and agree upon by both coaches.

Houston Chapter Basketball Officials

George Easterling, President

Marvin Webb, Secretary

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