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THSBOA/UIL Basketball Tests

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All THSBOA HCBO members must take their basketball tests.  NFHS Basketball Rules Part 1, NFHS Basketball Rules Part 2, NFHS Basketball 3-Person Mechanics, and NFHS Basketball 2-Person Mechanics are the tests administered by the UIL. HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY SIGN ON TO TAKE YOUR TEST ON THE UIL WEB SITE, CLICK HERE...

1.    Copy and paste the following into a web browser:
2.    You should now be at the “Welcome" page and at the top of the page please click on "Testing".
3.    After viewing the menu, choose the test you want to take and begin.
4.    After completing your test, the score for the test you have taken will be posted to your profile and e-mailed to you.  All tests must be completed at a time designated by THSBOA.  This will be given at a later date.


All officials must complete the exams.  (1) 2020-21 THSBOA Basketball Rules Exam. You will be given 99 attempts to reach your desired score. (2) 2020-21 THSBOA 2 Person Mechanics Exam or 2020-21 THSBOA 3 Person Mechanics Exam. You will be given 99 attempts to reach your desired score. The test you complete will be predicated on the majority of the games you officiate.  If your intent is to officiate 2 Person games, then take the 2 Person Mechanics Exam and if your intent is to officiate 3 Person games, then take the 3 Person Mechanics Exam. Although, you may take both.  Per THSBOA Bylaws, no official will be eligible to officiate until the tests/exams are passed with a score of 70 or above.  The standard of 90 or above on all tests remains the same to be eligible for Playoff games, UIL assigned games, Regional Tournament and State Tournament selections.  When testing answer the questions using the Texas Exceptions, if applicable to the question(s).  I have included the Texas Exceptions below.  If you have any questions or concerns related to testing, you may contact DeAndre' Bell at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or George Easterling at   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Texas Exceptions to NFHS Rules


1.  Six-foot coaching box centered on either the first or second seat nearest the division line.  (Sub-Varsity and Middle School Coaches Only)


2.  Foul Reporting:  Clear the players; make eye contact with scorer and start the report while walking.


3.  Officials should only switch on shooting fouls and the foul-calling official will go table side.  If foul-calling official is already on table side there will be no switch.  (2 person)


4.  Time-out procedure in both 2-Person & 3-Person during a 30-second time-out, go to the top of the 3-point circle.  On a 60-second time-out, go to free-throw lane blocks opposite the bench area.  In 3-Person, one official stays at the throw-in spot or at the end-line that free-throws will be taken.  In 2-Person put the ball on the floor at throw-in spot or on the free-throw line if free-throws are going to be attempted.


5. 3-Person mechanics -Long Switch.  Texas officials will not make a long switch when calling a foul as the "Lead" in the frontcourt and the play to resume going the opposite direction.  The official that called the foul at "Lead" will clear players to report to the table and then return to the throw-in spot and become the "Trail" official.

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